Core warehouse management

Core Warehouse Management System (Wms) Benefit

Core WMS Benefit


Reduce labor cost

• Reduce direct labor: Receiving, Putaway, Replenishment, Picking, Packing, Shipping, Value Added Services (Kitting), Trafficking, Order planning, Customer Service, DataEntry

• Reduce indirect labor: Clerical, Inventory Management

• Less paperwork and reduced cycle counting frequency leads to a reduction in workforce

Reduce Direct Labor Costs by 5% - 15%

Reduce expense

• Reduced error rate and penalties due to fewer chargebacks/fines

• Ensure accurate product tracking with configurable cycle counting, throughout the warehouse

• Consolidate Orders to reduce transportation and shipping costs

• If RF enabling, reduced paper pick ticket printing and supplies costs

• Improved inventory control and enforcement of proper inventory rotation results in decreased damage and shrink

• Improved first-pass quality and increased on-time departure resulting in higher perfect order fulfillment

• In a system controlled environment, inventory gets lossless frequently

• Reduce Storage

and Handling costs  by 10-35%

• Shrink/Obsolescence

Reduction: up to25%

• Reduce Freight

Spend up to 5%

Cost Avoidance

• Potential avoidance of acquiring new equipment such as rolling stock and material handling equipment, the recurring benefit of maintenance costs on equipment leased equipment

• Potential avoidance of new construction expansion, or potential to sublease excessive space, warehouse consolidation, avoid leading off-site storage

• Improve  asset and space utilization

by 10-30%

• Decrease in Equipment Operating Costs up to 15%

Reduce inventory

• Improved inventory accuracy resulting in a reduction of excess safety stock and “just in case” inventory

• Improved inventory accuracy and faster order processing allows reduced inventory days on hand required for sustained service levels

• Inventory Accuracy

of 99.9%+

• Reduce Inventory Up

to 10%

Improve Customer


• Improve order processing time resulting in faster order fulfillment

• Decreased ShippingErrors as a result of improved control and validation of fulfillment tasks

• Shipping  Accuracy of 99.9%+

• Decrease Order Correction

Costs up to 75%

Revenue Lift

(Enhanced customer


• Improved visibility and control of operations increases on-time departures enhancing customer service

• Enable increased throughput which results in the ability to increase shipment frequency resulting in fewer stock-outs

• Decreased Order to delivery cycle time enhances customer experience and loyalty

• Reduce order  cycle

time by: 5-25%

• Revenue lift: 0.25-2%