Rail freight transport between Vietnam and Europe: A fast and cost-effective option
Vietnam Railways(VNR) launches freight train service to Belgium. Vietnam Railways (VNR) on July 20 added a new rail freight link from Vietnam to Belgium, with the first train departing from Yen Vien station, Hanoi, and expected to arrive at Liege City in Belgium. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, international maritime transport is facing difficulties, rail service is being sought by many customers to transport goods from Vietnam to China and from there on to Europe. Currently, VNR is providing freight train services between Vietnam and China and transiting to Russia, Europe, ASEAN and Central Asian countries. The firm provides full logistics services to customers.
Advantages of rail freight transport
  • Speed faster than ship
  • Cost less costly than a plane
  • Sustainability: more environmentally- friendly than air freight
What to consider when shipping by rail
intermodal shipments from door to door
Just as with air and sea freight, you need to take the pre-and post-shipment movement of your goods into account. For rail freight, you need to have the goods packed in a container that can be rented at the rail operator’s container depot. If your warehouse is close to the container depot, it can be advantageous to move the goods by road to the depot for transfer to containers there, rather than renting an empty container to load at your premises. Either way, compared to seaports, rail operators have much smaller depots. So you need to carefully consider the transport to and from the depot, as storage space there is more limited.
Trade sanctions or boycotts
Some countries along the route are subject to sanctions or boycotts by European countries and vice-versa, which means that some goods can be subject to prohibitions for certain countries. The Russian infrastructure is also very old and the level of investment much lower than in China, for example. There is also the fact that several borders between countries without mutual trade agreements need to be crossed. Avoid delays by ensuring that your paperwork is in order.
Temperature control
Whenever goods are shipped by rail, there are large ambient temperature differences over short time periods that need to be taken into account. In China, it can be very warm, while in Russia, well under freezing. These temperature changes can cause problems for some goods. Check with your logistics provider what measures are taken when shipping goods that require temperature-controlled transport and storage. Rail freight can be a reliable, fast, and efficient alternative to existing methods of transport. Get a comparison from our experts to see how you can save costs and gain speed with a rail solution that fits your needs.