Logtech empower 3pls to create service offering to customers and new markets. Our agile platform easily adapts to emerging business needs when adding new facilities or onboarding new customers. Logtech’s 3PL customers regularly make improvements in customer service and major reductions in operating costs.
  • Gain end to end supply chain visibility
  • Get mobile access to operations and real time KPI
  • Onboard customers faster with rapid configuration
  • Respond rapidly to demand fluctuations, supply chain disruptions and other make events. 
  • Monitor inventory turns of client SKUs in order to effectively control cost and improve operational margins
  • Improve customer service using advanced tools for real-time monitoring of end-to-end operations including order fulfillment, inventory in stock, and in transit.
LOGTECH wms provides advanced product management capabilities using in line slotting, forecasting tool, as well as powerful rules- based including:
  • Put away strategy
  • Picking strategy
Distribution management
LOGTECH wms including support advance waving planning and order fulfillment, the ability to plan customer specific allocation strategies to match supply with demand, support for multiple picking strategic, cross-docking and transfer loading capabilities, power lot number/serial number tracking, shelf-life/ manufacturing date base control and order fulfillment criteria and definable work flows for handling temperature controlled products.
Value added service
LOGTECH wms provides 3PL with power functionally to plan customer specific kitting/assemble to order projects and schedule work plan, manage end to end work end life cycle, manage value-added service (VAS) and support customer-specific BOMs and integration of VAS to billing.
Billing management
Powerful and flexible client billing capabilities enable 3PLs to meet clients or make opportunities with flexible billing options, and to easily calculate and invoice each client based on a range of parameters.
Warehouse management system:
Give powerful, real time control over inbound, outbound and inventory management processes with LOGTECH's wms.
  • Inbound: the system offers robust, flexible, real-time control over all aspects of the inbound and material management side of warehouse operations. This includes location management, receiving, quality checking, put away, operation, and inventory control. When unloading inventory using the RF application this process is automated for you. The lines on the received job are automatically copied to the ASN Lines tab as soon as the first unit is unloaded on the RF device. For more information on unloading a received job using RF. 
  • Inventory: the system makes extensive use of powerful graphical tools that enable real-time inventory visibility and user-defined queries to view and manage inventory, layout, as well as optimize resources and increase productivity.
  • Outbound: functionality enables power orchestration of picking, shipping, loading and replenishment process to drive highly efficient order fulfilment operations. Unique functionality included to plan and release pick waves, multiple, advance picking methodologies, integrated, real time control and consolidation of pick route from multiple order picking areas, highly intelligent allocation and replenishment logic, and much more. Categorizes products using historical data. Allowing Warehouses to better plan where inventory should be located within a warehouse by calculating fast, medium, and slow-moving inventory. The system will use the products and quantities required for the pick to determine the quantity to be transferred to the Dynamic Pick Face. As only the quantity required for pick will be allocated, the pick will have a status of Waiting Replenishment. Once the stock has been transferred, the Allocate Picks Awaiting Replenishment service task will check and release the pick to be picked by an operator as per the normal picking processes. The order of pick instructions can be affected by other methods, such as the Pick Method and Pick Group. The order of pick instructions are as follows if set up:
    • Pick Method
    • Pick Group
    • Row Path Sequence
    • Pick Path Sequence
LOGTECH wms offers the industry's most flexible approach to integration with voice picking, and provides a significant advanced material handling system, such as carton sortation, pick to light, AS/RS.
Order management
LOGTECH provides complete control of each stage of the order process, including order entry, pricing and promotion, credit processing, allocation, and shipment invoicing. Highly scalable, WMS order management can handle transaction volumes for even the largest organizations. The web-based system easily supports remote customer service agents and call centers. 
Assembly and kitting
Uses a multi-level bill of materials to define the relevant items to be assembled or kitted and can also automatically generate purchase orders for raw materials. The advanced material requirement planning tool helps to analyze the requirements of finished goods. Extensive planning features through project or program planning, product costing, work order management, and actual versus plan analysis are included. Use as part of both the distribution and manufacturing process. Bill of Materials, also known as BOM, is the term used to describe the parts, components, and raw materials needed to produce a saleable end-item. 
Billing Management
LOGTECH’s WMS costing and billing module is a superior solution due to the granularity of activity-based costing and the flexibility of the rules that can be configured. The billing engine is built to offer a variety of costing models that address even the most creative sales contracts. The solution supports comprehensive billing of logistic operations across inbound transportation, receiving, warehouse operations, distribution, outbound transportation, and other activities. It offers a powerful and flexible approach to billing attributes and configuration of billing rules.
Extended Features: 
Extended features enable logistics service providers to offer a complete end-to-end solution to their customers: 
Slotting & Optimization 
Identify optimal product placement to minimize picking and put away travel distances, reduce replenishments, balance workload across zones, and optimize warehouse productivity.
Reverse Logistics
Configure your functionality and workflow to manage any reverse logistics process.
Yard Management
Provide visibility and management of trailers, containers and every yard-related function. 
Resource Management
Increase productivity by planning labor resource requirements based on actual work.
Transportation Management Maximize
Inbound/outbound transportation processes through optimized planning, high performance execution and real-time visibility
Faster pick rates
We can configure how we group and wave orders to the warehouse and dramatically increase the efficiency of our order processors.
99.9% inventory accuracy
Our ability to manage cycle counts and manage inventory is now over 99.9% accurately reported in our systems.
Responsive customer reporting
We can provide data to our clients like never before. They love it.
Automated billing
We’ve created an automated billing process that fully captures costs for all the value-added services we provide.
Sophisticated, streamlined shipment processing
Our new system allows us to perform least-cost routing, produce all carrier labels and upload the shipping costs back to the billing system.
Customer-specific shipping programs
We’ve also embedded customer-specific shipping rules, simplifying the process even further.
Paperless international shipping.  Documents are automatically processed in seconds.